Oblong Trail Association | Land and Trail

Land and Trail

Users of the trail system traverse private property, sanctuary land and public roads. It is essential that all of us adhere to the following rules:

  • Be considerate and courteous at all times.
  • No wheeled or motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed on the trails.
  • No smoking on the trails.
  • Stay on OTA trails indicated by the OTA markers. Observe NO RIDERS signs.
  • Do not ride through the center of a field; ride only on the OTA trails indicated (usually on the edge).
  • Do not gallop in wet areas. Treat others' property as you would your own.
  • Walk where posted and near residences, stables and paddocks. Observe the privacy of landowners when passing close to their homes.
  • On the roads, ride single file and move to the side for passing cars. Thank drivers when they are courteous enough to reduce their speed.
  • Open and close fence gates.
  • Membership Tags must be worn and visible. Guest must have "Guest Tags".
  • Dog must be leashed and in allowed areas only.
  • Please report any service or unsafe condition.
  • No riding during hunting season.

Walkers, Joggers and Skiers- Please slow down or stop when approaching horses fromthe front. When approaching from the rear, make your presence known from a reasonable distance. Horses may overreact to silent approaches from the rear.

Trail Maintenance

Tentative dates for trail clearing and marking will be listed below. Markers and nails will be provided, bring your own hammer.